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Symbiotic Sessions aims to create guidelines and improve infrastructure for innovative creativity on stage. By doing, experimenting, documenting, performing and sharing ideas.

We facilitate a studio in Amsterdam, a live label, on- and offline events, recording sessions, artist meetings and a knowledge platform for:

► Innovative Music
► Hightech Jamsessions
► Crossovers with ‘Traditional’ Music
► Symbiosis with other art forms
► Live Techno Acts

Creatives such as producers, video artists and synthesizer enthusiasts are usually loaded with creative energy, ideas, skills and passion for electronic music. But since it’s still not easy to get a live electronic act to the stages of clubs and festivals, most of this energy remains in the studio, unfortunately invisible for the audience.

Right now is the time for creating new standards and opportunities for collaboration and improvisation for the electronic music scene.
Join us and support our mission to make electronic music more (a)live!
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